Consume Light, not Electricity

mooni is a Swedish design driven brand that supplies great products delivering both functional and decorative LED light and sound, consuming no or minimum electricity. 


mooni home lighting solutions cover outdoor and indoor light in solar, wirefree/induction and DC/AC.

The design of the products is in the spirit of the Scandinavian design tradition. Simplicity, function and atmosphere.

Our products have been recognized and rewarded for the unique design. All designs are original Mooni and design patented.

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why solar lights

By choosing solar lights you open up for an flexible and a more economic way of living. You don't have to pay for electricity, but more important is the fact that you don't need to install any wiring. Take the light out of the box, put it in your garden, and you're done. 

You don't even need to think about turning them on and off, because Moonis solar lights have a built-in darkness sensor.

The technology for outdoor solar lighting is improving rapidly, and Mooni guarantee that we always work with latest and best availible solutions. Solar lights from Mooni are looking more attractive, shining more brightly, and our products run-time is always getting longer. 

To give you a better sense of how Solar Lights work, here are the basic components:


Solar Panel


The solar panel has a photovoltaic cell inside, which converts sunlight to an electrical current. A solar panel's effectiveness depends on the size and quality of the solar cell and the transparency of the protective cover.  



The solar cells are wired directly to a re-chargeable battery that stores the electricity generated by the cell. A diode located between the cell and the battery ensures that electricity flows only one way: into the battery. Mooni uses NiMH batteries, because they stand up better to the frequent charge and release cycles than standard NiCAD batteries. NiMH batteries also have a significant environmental benefit. They can be disposed of without harm to the environment.

55° 24' 42" N / 012° 55' 54" E Höllviken, Sweden

Home of mooni