Designer Lighting and speakers

We are proud of our Mooni brand where we work with the Scandinavian design tradition - using the light to create both functional and decorative lighting and speakers. At Mooni we are passionate about what we do and we aim to create quality and trendy products.

Mooni products can be used in many different ways and they fulfill many needs; enjoy the cozy atmosphere from our lights at the dinner table, at a party, when reading outdoor, lighting up flowers, pathways, pools and terraces. 


Staffan Bern, President


Design: Svend Onoe


Design: Svend Onoe

We are using a number of talented mostly Scandinavian designers for our products.

Some of our designs have won design competitions.
We protect our designs.

Some of our products can be found under other brands as well.
We made some agreements with partners as they wanted to sell our products under their brand.

Every year we introduce many new products. Please follow us here and on Facebook to make sure you get the latest news.

Our products are all about enjoying life, making it better. Our products are creating a wonderful atmosphere, they are environmental friendly, quality products,

Maybe you have great ideas for products you want to share with us.
If the idea would turn into a product we would reward your proposal.

If you are a talented designer you are welcome to contact us.

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