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Consume light not electricity - lighting and speakers

Mooni is a Swedish brand that supplies state of the art lighting and speakers, inspired by the Scandinavian design traditions.
Giving you light that are both functional and decorative and great sound for your garden, outdoor place and also indoors.


Blowfish - Table  Buy - Blowfish

Turner  Buy - Turner

Turner has two different expression and functions.

Buy -  Turner
Design: Svend Onoe

This light fixture is excellent for creating atmosphere and drama.

Buy - Inground

"What an inspiration - A glowing Gople from the sea"

Buy - Gople
Design: Peter Moeller-Jensen

Blowfish gives the impression that the shaces and the lights is floating above the table.

Buy - Blowfish

Design: Svend Onoe

Quality Craftsmanship



Katrin Barrie Larsen




Peter Moeller-Jensen


55° 24' 42" N / 012° 55' 54" E Höllviken, Sweden

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