Mr. X

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Mr. X

Mr. X has a classic and exclusive appearence of a torch, which suits any environment.

Mr. X is not only a decorative light fixture in your garden, but it is also highly functional.

Mr. X is made of glass and steel. The shade produced in glass is partly frosted on the inside. This provides the surroundings with a pleasing soft indicating light. The bottom of the glass is clear and this ensures that a large amount of light reaches the ground, where it is as guiding light. The steel enhances the amount of light, since it reflects the illumination both vertically and horizontally.

Mr. X come in tre different colors: Black matt, Silver and Galvanized

Mr. X can be ordered in solar version which gives light corresponding to 1 Watt LED or DC version with 5 Watt that can be set in white LED or other colors of Light.

In the DC version the DC cable comes out through the bottom of the glass and can be connected with DC cable and an approved transformer.

power_solution Solar
rgb No
Design: Svend Onoe
Article #: 90061219X
Battery 2 x FeliPO4 18500, 3.2V 1000mAh
LED 4 x White
Weight 2.3 kg

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