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Products - Mooni AB

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Our product range covers indoor and outdoor environments. If you are looking to decorate your garden, set the right lighting at a dinner party or if you want a lightweight portable speaker; you will surely find something to fit your needs within our catalogue.

Get inspired, create, have fun and enjoy mooni products in any environment.

Products - Mooni AB

Spread light while saving electricity

Mooni is a Swedish design brand that supplies great patented solution products delivering LED light and speakers.

The design of the products is in the spirit of the Scandinavian design tradition, using a minimalistic simplicty, that has both function, atmosphere and style.

World at night

This is wirefree light

Wirefree is a Mooni patented technology which can transfer 5 watts of power through any kind of non-metallic material. It is extremely easy to install and this great technology helps you get rid of all your visible ugly cables.

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